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What is MotionFrame?

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Summer, for example. Sunbeams dances with the glittering foot of the Big Tree as it sway in the wind. Or sea. Time passes you by as the rhythm of the wave has returned. Or fire. The shimmer of the campfire has never grown tired of its captivation.

Gasped suddenly, motion that we forget they stare.

It shows the simple perpetual motion, not elaborate. Because it’s so simple the movement unintentionally fascinates your heart. A time gives you a little elegant feeling when you’re looking at it. We wanted to provide such experiences with devices close to you.

MotionFrame will not make your life more convenient and efficient. It is just a simple animation application. After you install and start it, the picture being simple all the way starts a powerful full- screen motion. Please just observe it. This is the application just for it. If this motion steals your heart, then our attempt was a success.

“An elegant little application for your time" you can get it for free below.

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Flare - The MotionFrame App for iPhone&iPad

Compatible with iPhone on iOS 4 or later and iPad on iOS 3.2 or later. (iPhone 4's Retina display correspondence)

English only

Instruction video

"MotionFrame App" is 100% PURE Web application.

At first this Web application was completely built in html5+CSS3+Javascript technology. However, unlike a conventional Web application, the look & feel is like a native app itself. There is no spastic screen transition that is common among the Web page; it looks a same as an application written in Object-C, smoothly and briskly.

You were thinking that it might not work without Internet access environment? No problem. MotionFrame works even in AirPlane mode! You can enjoy it in a place where Wifi and the 3G do not reach.

You only have to register once through the home screen to experience the same identical feeling as the native application.

Touch it and play with it, also for the interior

Can't you touch and play with the motion on the screen even with iPad, you say? Of course yes. You can directly touch the front of the motion. Please turn it round and round, pitch and tap. React to interactive motion will respond to your feelings, as if it was a living thing.

We didn't miss that someone muttered "there should have been a clock in this application”. That's why it is equipped with the wonderful clock function. You can both turn it off and on. Just put it in the corner of the room, what a wonderful "motion interior".

About us

About DeviceAct Project

DeviceAct will carry out focusing on application development for iPhone and iPad. DeviceAct will not intend to make the application that is large and complicated. The goal is "Useless but cool things". Through the device, we would like the user's life to have a little fun.

The latest information of MotionFrame here. Please follow this twitter account.

Powered by Gion

Gion is a Sprite framework for latest iPhone and iPad environment in HTML5+CSS3+Javascript. It is specialized specifically for the iPhone and iPad which in turn features a better performance. MotionFrame was achieved through the UI experience as an native application based on Gion.
Gion - The JavaScript Sprite Framework For iPhone & iPad
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